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This Is How Our Story Began


Hey Beauties!

hair braider, hair stylist, dreadlocks, saw in.

Since going to cosmetology school in 2013 (and even before), I've always had a passion for hair and making people beautiful!


Doing hair was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made! I currently service  Port St Lucie , FL and the surrounding areas.

Please make note of a few things regarding my services before booking:

  • Make sure you add on any additional services that you may need before your appointment because all times are estimated on the style booked. If I have to blow dry your hair etc, -- that's pushing the time back and you will be charged $20 extra for the inconvenience.

  • When booking your appointment, please pay attention to the descriptions! If it says morning and weekdays only and you book it on the weekend or in the afternoon, your appointment will be canceled.

  • Your hair must be washed and blown-dry. 

  • No chemicals in your hair (grease, oils, conditioner, etc.). 

  • For Crochet hair I only use Bobby boss, Sure, or Freestyles brands human hair on goddess braids $50. more


I do not charge late fee because I understand that things can happen however after 15 minutes you must reschedule.


  • All styles require a non-refundable $30 deposit to book. 

  • Absolutely no company and no kids unless being serviced.


Marceline ISha Colas

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